Our Mission

To provide Christian community, professional certification, professional education and supportive fellowship to chaplains involved in the ministry of healing, sustaining, reconciling and guiding God's people.

Our Philosophy and Purpose

Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that human beings are created in the image of God as unique individuals with freedom to think, behave and feel.

Also, believing the fact that human beings are created to be in relationship with each other, we promote the importance of being in community and respecting each person's boundaries.

This community of chaplains is committed to value the personal, professional and pastoral gifts of each member.

We assert that both chaplains and those served are in a continuous wholistic growth.

Our purpose is to assist members with professional and pastoral support as they deliver pastoral care modeled after the Great Shepherd Jesus Christ.

Our objective is to provide pastoral fellowship, professional certification and continuing educational opportunities enabling the chaplain to provide the best spiritual care possible.





All photography provided by Jared Chambers