Continuing Education: The Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health


A CEU Recommendation and Review from Chaplain Matthew Hoffman:

In our desire for the chaplains of IACC to grow in ongoing education we will post links to various journals and articles that might be of interest to you.  One of those such resources is "The Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health."  I have read several of the articles in this journal and have found them to be both informative and shaping in my own practice as a healthcare chaplain.  They typically publish articles and book reviews on a quarterly basis.  There you can read specific articles and also use them as "springboards" for more of your own personal study.  Here is the link to the journal's home page, along with a copy of their "Aim and Scope" published on their website. 

"The Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health is an interdisciplinary professional journal (retitled from American Journal of Pastoral Counseling to better reflect its broader scope) that is devoted to the scholarly study of spirituality as a resource for counseling and psychotherapeutic disciplines. This peer-reviewed quarterly journal seeks to enhance the understanding of spirituality as a core component of human well-being in individual, relational, and communal life. Leading authorities provide insights into research and effective therapy in an interdisciplinary dialog that crosses the disciplines of psychology, spirituality, theology, sociology, cultural analysis, and other fields. 

The Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health is a crucial forum that provides deeper insight into human meaning-making within therapeutic and growth-fostering activity. The primary spiritual experience is explored as it occurs either for practitioners or clients, with an examination of therapeutic meanings. Expert contributors explore the impact of cultural life patterns within issues of race and gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and relational structures as they contribute to both human wholeness, and to its loss and therapeutic recovery. This journal is challenging, inspirational, and superbly beneficial to all who desire perspectives and ideas extending beyond their own scope and field of focus.

Peer Review Policy: All research articles in the Journal have undergone peer review based on initial editor screening, and anonymous refereeing by at least two anonymous double-blind referees.

Publication office: Taylor & Francis, Inc., 530 Walnut Street, Suite 850, Philadelphia, PA 19106"